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Preparing By Selling STUFF!

Preparing By Selling STUFF!

Small electrical appliances

We are ridding ourselves of even more STUFF that we really don’t need:  preparing for a little change in lifestyle.

When we moved here to this temporary place in town, we sold everything we thought we could easily live without.  Now we are realizing just how much we still have that we don’t need.  It’s like peeling an onion.

This week we pulled out box after box of our belongings which were still packed because this temporary house is fully furnished.  We weeded through and pulled out many items to sell.  Right now we need the cash, not STUFF.  We hope we never feel like we need so much stuff again.

STUFF takes time to maintain and space that costs money.  Think how much more energy it takes to keep a large space than it does a small one.  It not only takes our physical energy, but the electric bill shows it as well.  And the more space we have the more STUFF we get to fill it up with. 

Preparing By Selling STUFF!

Crystal dishes that hog space and are rarely used

We have been very inspired lately by others who are getting rid of STUFF in exchange for a less complex lifestyle.  The Tiny House movement is part of that (do a google search on that one).  After a very materialistic trend in the US, many are seeing the emptiness in the rat race and are longing for something simpler with less stress.  How does that sound?  Preparing By Selling STUFF!

As believers we know life on earth is only a vapor, and real LIFE is in eternity with Jesus.  Shouldn’t we be the first ones ridding ourselves of unnecessary material burdens?

I must admit it is really hard to sell some things I have gotten emotionally attached to over the years.  I spent one night this week feeling really sad about selling furniture with lots of memories attached.  On the other hand, it also feels like relief to think of not having so much.  It appears that we may be in for some tough times ahead, and we want to be prepared.

This weekend we had a big garage sale, and next week we’ll be sorting through more boxes and doing it again.  Meanwhile we’re also taking advantage of Craigslist and possibly eBay for many of our things.

It feels like we’re getting a big haircut.  Preparing By Selling STUFF!

Preparing By Selling STUFF!

PS.  Oops, I didn’t tell you about the shed like I said I would last time.  I’ll get to that soon.

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Preparing By Selling STUFF!

Preparing By Selling STUFF!

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