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Off-Grid Lights

Off Grid Lights

The huge orange grove well and takes less than a minute to fill our tank

A few good things happened this week that are worth noting.  My spinner arrived, and it has revolutionized doing laundry.  What a wonderful machine!  In less than 2 minutes the very wet clothes feel practically dry.  It doesn’t take much to line-dry them now, and we don’t have any painful wringing with our hands.  It also runs great off of our little inverter, so the generator does not have to run as with a washer.  After we’ve used it a few weeks I’ll give a better report.

Speaking of the inverter, we had to go get a new one after realizing the old one was worn out and sucking all of the batteries dry way too soon.  We suddenly couldn’t seem to keep a charge in the batteries, and it was almost impossible to charge them completely.  The mystery was solved when we were unable to get a steady stream of current to my computer and we noticed the fridge struggling.  The 750 watt inverter had been well used previously and was probably on its last leg when we moved, so we spent $40 for another one, and we’re back in business!

We spent part of the week helping another family move.  They hope to soon be out in the boonies as well, although they may be in a different area.  As a result of the extra busyness and being gone a lot, no newsletter was written, but we figure you may want a break as well.  Off Grid Lights

It’s been a great blessing to be able to fill up with water at the neighbor’s place with their huge pump.  Of course it will be even better when we can have our own well! 

Off Grid Lights

Battery operated bathroom nightlights

I thought I should tell you exactly how some things are working for us off-grid.  At night we use a few battery-powered “candles” as night-lights in the bathroom so the children can find their way.  We are using old rechargeable AA batteries that are too worn out for our cameras but still work great for this.  After a few nights the batteries are ready to be recharged so I replace them with freshly charged ones.  When the generator runs it charges the worn down ones again.  So far it works great.

When Silver Oak is out filling water tanks or something at night, he wears his little inexpensive LED head lamp to see.  Otherwise our lighting is powered either by the generator, or by the batteries when the inverter isn’t running.  We have plenty of little LED flashlights handy to use when needed as well.

I’m a bit sleep deprived and have dozed off several times trying to write this post, so this had better be quits for now.  Hopefully this next week will be a little more sane!

Off Grid Lights

PS.  Read the explanation for my new name in the last post.

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Off Grid Lights

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8 Responses to “Off-Grid Lights”

  1. Lynda says:

    So glad for your continued steps forward and ability to roll with the setbacks. God bless.

  2. Kelsey says:

    We too live off grid and have a battery/inverter set up. I LOVE the country life even tho- there are inconveniences at times. Today, as I was preparing our Thanksgiving meal the propane ran out… a small set back, and just a way of life around here (we use propane for cooking). There are those days when it almost gets the best of ya, but it’s so worth the beauty, peace, and joy!!! Happy to meet you ~ I am visiting from Farmgirl Friday

  3. ivylover says:

    did u mean silver oak? this may take some time to think outside ur box of what u’ve known as cold n impersonable but i think it wise…bless u as u weigh out ur dreams n ideas!

    • Rose Petal says:

      Oops! You caught me. I was REALLY tired when I wrote that. Thanks for catching the typo…it’s been fixed! Funny thing, Silver Oak (my editor) totally missed it too.

  4. ivylover says:

    Ur “names” r unique but well fit!! When I first saw silver oak i think i actually laughed out loud…but it’s all good. does everyone have one yet? I’d love 2 know (via email)

    • Rose Petal says:

      I thought silver was appropriate…the color of his hair, his value, :) And to me an oak is strong and stands for truth.

      The others have various names we were trying to choose from, but for now we are just referring to them by age or order in the family, etc.