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Is a Disaster Recovery Plan a Waste?

Preparing for a possible disaster absolutely does not have to be a waste if the disaster never happens!  Skills we learn and things we purchase can be very useful to us in other ways, and we have the confidence of knowing we’ve done the best we know.  If we have a personal relationship with Jesus, we have the added advantage of getting direction from Him in preparing for our family’s needs.  He knows exactly what the future holds, and what we will need.

For example, the little generator we purchased for Y2K was a lifesaver when we were hit by a tropical storm the following year, and was even more important when we were out of power for 13 days during the summer of 2004 after Hurricane Charley!  We had NOT purchased expensive food supplies that we don’t regularly use anyway.  Nearly everything we had stored was what we normally used, and was quite valuable to us for a few years when our income was very low.  We will never regret the preparations we made, although we are grateful that Y2K was a non-event!  If we had not followed the leading of the Lord in these areas, we would have had regrets.

A very helpful book that has helped our family build a preparedness plan is Just in Case: How to be Self-Sufficient when the Unexpected HappensIs a Disaster Recovery Plan a Waste?by Kathy Harrison.  It’s a good way to get started.

Is a Disaster Recovery Plan a Waste?

Is a Disaster Recovery Plan a Waste? Just In Case

Is a Disaster Recovery Plan a Waste?

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