Photo taken in July 2013

Welcome to Live Ready Now!

 We love living way out in the country in a tiny house on our 20 acre off-grid homestead next to cattle ranches and orange groves, where we raise chickens, milk a few goats and a jersey cow, enjoy an Arabian mare and a mini horse, two cats, two dogs, a whole slew of rabbits, and three guinneas.

Over the years, our family has become increasingly interested in learning how to live sustainably. It may have started with Y2K, but living through the aftermath of Hurricane Charley in 2003 confirmed our desire to learn to be prepared for the unexpected, especially in these uncertain days. We include Bible reading, gardening, food storage and processing, growing our own animal feed, learning off grid and old fashioned skills, survival training, and music in home educating our children, and are on the journey of learning to grow our own food year-round using  a variety of intensive gardening methods.

We hope to encourage you to prepare for an uncertain future as God provides, and to be ready to help others in a crisis. Studying history, looking at our current world situation, and noticing how God has moved in similar circumstances in the past reminds us that the hi-tech life of ease we have grown up with could easily and suddenly be only a memory.

Being prepared includes preparing our family for spiritual, emotional, and physical difficulties that may come our way. We believe God gives us wisdom through daily Bible reading and prayer as we seek Him regularly and follow His leading in what we are to do today. He holds the future and is our Protector, so learning to live in His will is our safest shelter.

AboutRose Petal writes blog posts and Silver Oak writes a free weekly e-newsletter which you can subscribe to here.

We hope you will join us in this journey, and that we can encourage each other as we go. God bless you with being prepared.

Silver Oak & Rose Petal

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