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A Homestead From Scratch

A Homestead From Scratch

Clearing some stubborn debris

It’s slow going starting from scratch and building a new homestead when you’re not hiring any contractors.  Especially when Hubby needs to keep at his landscaping business so we have income in the process.  We knew it would be tough, but we still believe we will be glad in the end if we stick it out.

We borrowed a tractor this week and spent time grading the looooong lane back to where our house and greenhouse will be.  Silver Oak ran the tractor/grader while some of the rest of us used garden rakes, hoes, and a pole saw to clear debris, chop out roots, and trim protruding branches.  It was another exhausting day!

Here in central Florida we are not yet enjoying cooler weather like states farther north.  It is still as hot and sticky as ever, although we are sensing a slight change in the early morning temps, promising cooler weather soon!

This week it had not rained for a while, so instead of heavy wet dirt like last time we had to deal with lots of dry dust sticking to our sweaty selves, especially when the tractor stirred it up.  The day was grueling but went fairly well, except for a few mishaps which I was largely responsible for.

I was given the task of pulling forward with the truck and 20’ trailer, and backing it into a narrow place.  Pulling forward was no problem, but backing…  Well, let’s just say I must agree with my hubby that I need more practice!!  I ended up getting the truck really stuck in some loose sugar sand, and Silver Oak had to pull me out with the tractor!

A Homestead From Scratch

An endless job

Then, at the end of an already too-long day, we were just preparing to reload the tractor onto the trailer and head home.  We had graded the entire driveway with the exception of some bothersome stumps.  How satisfying driving from the back of our homestead all the way to the front on a relatively smooth lane we had made ourselves! 

As I pulled the truck and trailer through the front entrance with Silver Oak following on the tractor, I heard a bad sound:  “psssssssssss.”  Coming around the last bend in the lane the sidewall of one of the nearly new trailer tires had been punctured by a stiff root at the edge of the drive.  It confirmed our suspicions that the driveway is still too narrow in a few places.  Sigh.  We’ll have to clear a little more before trying any bigger trucks.  But someday soon we’ll be calling this place “home!”

And what a blessing to have a loving husband who graciously pardoned my mishaps!

A Homestead From Scratch

A Homestead From Scratch

A Homestead From Scratch

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2 Responses to “A Homestead From Scratch”

  1. Connie says:

    Wow, what exciting times. I cannot believe all the work you are doing…and without lots of help or any help for that matter, from contractors.

    Look forward to more of your updates.